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Challenge 04 - Pimping!

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Jan. 7th, 2010 | 08:10 pm
posted by: penelope_ziva in gleeland

Basic Description:

Here is an new type of challenge to get some more members in. Your aim is to pimp out this community to people and the more people you get to join, the more points you will receive. There are a few rules however, with the top one being the most important...

The new member MUST participate; it doesn't help anyone if we just get people joining and not joining in. Therefore, before you get your points for bringing in the member, they must participate on the challenges at least two times (this doesn't have to be three seperate challenges, it could, for instance, be two comments on the discussion post - there will be more challenges up later soon.)

For you to get points, they must put your name down when they join somewhere on their application (for instance, on the 'where did you hear about this comm' line).

Each new member can only be referred by one person - if more than one is listed in their application, the first they mention gets the points!

Points Breakdown:

Each member you bring in: 20 points

How To Enter:

Spread the word about us and make sure that your new member puts your name down as to why they've joined!

Due Date:

Saturday 16th January at 3pm UK Standard Time

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